Application Form


Please Download The Acres Design Guidelines here to complete checklist prior to submitting.
Please upload all attachments to the below form and submit:

Required Plans

The following documentation, normally prepared by your builder or architect, need to be submitted to The Acres Design Review Panel.
All plans to be in A3 format and clearly labelled with Lot No and Name.

Site Plan

Lot XXX Name: xxxx SITE PLANS AT 1:200 SCALE PDF to include

  • Lot number and street address
  • North point and scale
  • Site contours, boundary dimensions, easements
  • House footprint
  • Setbacks from each boundary
  • Location of principal private open space and area of total private open space
  • Driveway location and width
  • Location of rainwater tanks, solar panels, hot water system, AC condensers, aerials and satellite dishes
  • Show all outbuildings, sheds, pools and gazebos
  • Location and height of fences
  • Proposed cut and fill and location of retaining wall

House Plans

Lot XXX Name: xxxx HOUSE PLANS AT 1:100 SCALE PDF to include

  • Plans with rooms labelled and dimensioned
  • North point and scale
  • Proposed finished floor levels
  • Width of garage door
  • Elevations of all side of the home with materials labelled
  • Roof plan indicating pitch, eaves width, materials and ridge heights
  • Two sections through the home

Completed Checklist


Landscaping Plan

Lot XXX Name: xxxx LANDSCAPING PLAN PDF to include An accurate landscaping plan drawn to scale and prepared by a qualified person

  • North point
  • Outline of the house on the whole site (incl. to the kerb)
  • Existing trees, street trees, floaters and features, poles, driveway and any other services and the like
  • All external house features, water tanks, services etc.
  • Paved areas, turfed areas and mulched garden bed areas
  • Type and location of any retaining walls
  • Location and type of fencing and gates
  • Location and type of edging to all garden bed areas
  • Numbers and types of plants
  • Types of paving, including driveway
  • Location and type of letterbox
  • Bin storage location
  • Clothes line is screened from the streetscape by decorative elements.

Colour & Material Schedule

Lot XXX Name: xxxx COLOUR AND MATERIALS SCHEDULE PDF (can be images)

  • External walls
  • Roof
  • Front door and feature elements
  • Windows
  • Fencing
  • Driveway
  • Gutters and fascia